Character Study

by Tulip

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Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Tulip.

Tulip is Paul O'Connor and Drew Ingersoll


released February 15, 2011

Cover Art - Andrew Martin

Video for Dark Room -



all rights reserved


Tulip Iowa City, Iowa

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Track Name: Dark Room
I wish I was with you all the time.
But you can't know what goes on in my mind.
I love and hate things of the same kind.
And if I could I would erase my mind.

I wish I was with you all the time.
The darkness is kept in from my blinds.
In bed I think of you always so kind.
But thats a when I always lose my mind.
Track Name: White Room
Yes this is the place, and the creature here is real.
I'm the only one who can tell you what it feels.
This is my white room,
A place where only I rule.
Back up off my face girl I don't need company.
My only two best friends are roaches named fred and
This is my white room,
A place where only I rule.
Don't get close, he's harmful when awoke.
If you go to bed he will surely pick your head.
He lives to kill ya.
Dangerous to any another.

One, he's always there and watching you.
Two, he's not material thats true.
Three, he wants to steal away something.
Four, he always finds a way to win.
Five, he never gives up after dark.
Six, he wants to destroy what you are.

And he lives in my room.
Always asking questions like, what should we do?
Mama can't save us.
Daddy can't help us.
So white.
Track Name: Butterscotch
People say to her,
"You could never make it there."
Look at those things she does,
She can pretend she's in love.
All those dreams that she could weave.
Be careful she is somebody.
Even if ya think she's great,
Thats because she made ya think.
She's an actor of today,
With some talent and a booty that'll break your face!!!!!!
All those dreams you could perceive.
She can make you believe anythings.

Back in action,
Killin' all those bad guys with her favorite gun
Now she will blow a kiss,
In that sexy scene when she is a computer wiz.

She is the best to date.
All she's gotta do is get away.
She believes in what could be.
And this is what she said to me,
"Oh I could be on a movie screen,
I could be on the TV please,
I just wanna make it far,
I just wanna be a movie star."

She's in a sci-fi great,
Blowin' up the shizzy in her lazer beam way.
She's in a drama scene,
Breakin' all the hearts of everyone who saw the screen.
Track Name: Lahl
Lost I'm lost oh god,
My best friend died.
What to do but think,
Of her past times
She's a computer,
With a brain and eyes.
Please god save this girl,
How I love her.

She's not gunna make it now download her heart.
Her neural networks are fallin' apart.
We got the programs to save her heart.
I love, I love you, I love what you are.
A bundle of wires.

She could have a metal body,
So functional.
She could lift three thousand pounds or more,
If she chose.
I could care less what I view her as,
If she talks.
Both our brains are determined by ones,
And zeros.
Track Name: Gangsta Bogangsta
I only come out like every night.
I only love one thing and thats pickin' fights.
I am damn bad.

I'll cut you up,
Out comes your guts.
Now thats what I,
I call some fun.
And that's because,
I never loved.
I never got,
A decent hug.
Now where's my girl,
Out on the street.
She's takin' crack,
Doin' those things
And that's becuase,
She never loved.
She never got,
A decent hug.
I'll fuck you up.
Track Name: Dhs QB
I got a blood stain,
On my favorite shirt I'm cleanin'.
Now who's gunna look so cool,
At school.
You got a blood stain,
On your favorite shirt your wearin'
Now I'm gunna make some friends,
At school.

I know you checkin' my body now you checkin' my walk.
Check out my face I know you thinks it looks hot,
But thats wrong.

Wipe off your brow now
Get up off the ground where I found ya
Don't chya know that I own this town.

I got your message,
Sayin' how much your impressed.
Watch me get the homecoming queen in my bed.
I got your message,
Sayin' how the honies love me.
How can I get such good grades they said.
Track Name: Planet Drool
I'm the first thing you want.
And the last thing you need.
Just because we were there,
Doesn't mean were to be.
What goes in your head,
I don't care like I said,
Just because we were there,
Doesn't mean were to be.

Blue clue jelly food,
Swimmin' in some planet drool.
I noticed that,
A shark attack.
Right next to you,
Right in the blue cool.
Bloody water,
Screamin' louder,
Girl you best move fast or your food.

Now swim baby swim baby fast as you can
I now you'll never make it but you gotta keep movin'.

Oh no,
That was close.
Good thing that you got in the boat.
You love me now,
Cause I saved you.
But girl you just don't know what I do.
Track Name: Drowsy Boy
Fuck if I know.
Track Name: Snow
Lord is dead to me.

Snow oh yes it falls.
Snow or plastic walls.
Me oh I'll just talk.
You oh you just walk.
Try to fix my head.
Walk with me instead.
No no lord no.

Yes my soul will fall.
Trapped in plastic walls.
Me ceasing to be.
We'll never be we.
come and take a walk,
Watch this one flake fall.

Lord is dead to me.